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The Fatuity Of Ahsan Iqbal

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Justice Markandey Katju responds to PMLN leader Ahsan Iqbal’s recent article about solutions to the economic and political issues facing Pakistan. 

Ahsan Iqbal is a member of Pakistan’s National Assembly and a former minister. He has written an article titled ‘A breakthrough path’ published in the prominent Pakistani newspaper ‘News International’, in which he has proposed a solution to Pakistan’s huge problems, but which in fact only reveals his own fatuity and superficial understanding of political and economic realities.

In this article he writes “Pakistan’s problems are structural and institutional. They have become deeper, but so has mistrust among various stakeholders. We urgently need institutional reforms. Our enemy is not outside, we have inflicted much of the damage through our own chequered history.”

His solution is for politicians, civil servants, military, judiciary, media, and private sector representatives to sit together and chalk out a roadmap for national transformation and development. He has suggested that the Chairman of Pakistan’s Senate and Speaker of the National Assembly should co-host a National Dialogue of all national stake holders—heads of political parties, service chiefs, civil servants, Chief Justice of Pakistan and other Judges, Pakistan Bar Council, media etc to formulate a 10 year (2020-2030) National Charter for Implementation of the Constitution (NCIC) to deal with political, economic, judicial and security issues.

I regret to say that by this grandiloquent, fustian and high sounding plan Ahsan Iqbal has only disclosed his own inanity and superficiality. So let me explain.
As mentioned in my article ‘Was Jinnah right about the 2 nation theory’ published in nayadaur.tv, this world really consists of two worlds, the world of the developed highly industrialised countries (North America, Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and China), and the world of the underdeveloped countries (which include India and Pakistan). There is a secret unwritten understanding among the developed countries that the Indian subcontinent must never be allowed to unite and emerge as a modern industrial giant, like China (of which it has all the potential), and to prevent this they will do their level best.

Will the developed countries allow their industries to close down, causing millions of their workers to become unemployed? No, they will oppose it tooth and nail. And how will they do that? By making people of the Indian subcontinent fight each other in the name of religion, caste, language, race, region etc. And in view of our tremendous diversity it is easy for them to do so, using their local agents (as they used their agents Gandhi and Jinnah).
So it is silly and superficial to think that Pakistan’s (and India’s) problems can be solved by institutional or structural reforms. They can only be solved by a mighty, united, people’s Revolution.

The first step in this direction must be to patiently explain to the people of the Indian subcontinent that unless we become highly industrialised like Western nations we will remain condemned to massive poverty, unemployment, child malnourishment, lack of proper healthcare and good education for our masses etc, that this historical transformation can only be achieved if despite our diversity we unite and wage a mighty historical struggle for transforming India into a highly industrialised country. And that those vested interests seeking to divide us by inciting religious, caste, racial, lingual and regional hatred among us are our greatest enemies and must be exposed.

We must also explain that Partition of 1947 was a historical British swindle, that its basis, the two nation theory was bogus, that India and Pakistan (and Bangladesh) are really one nation, sharing the same culture, and were one since Mughal times, that there was no communal problem before 1857 and it was artificially created by the British thereafter.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are the writer’s own and do not necessarily reflect Naya Daur Media’s editorial policy.

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  1. Rajesh January 28, 2020

    Bogus justice Matande Katju
    when I said the below to him over 2 years ago he blocked me.

    Jinnah was appointed by the British as goveror General of Pakistan, he exchanged letters with churchill and now these letters are unclassified in UK. In my view British never left our country they merely outsourced their own agents.
    Meanwhile India mein Nehru and congress party was puppet of British and the congress party till date has all media in their pocket, they use them to do fake news and anti hindu propaganda against modi and rss, this has kept BJP out of power for 65 years . The rss were the ones to go after army to save kashmiri muslims during earth quake, they saved muslims, gave them medication, but pro congress media will not show this. In kerala also rss went to kerala saved muslims and christians, during the floods, but again media will say negative and fake news. did you know RSS is the only ngo in India with a muslim wing, and the muslims of RMM are very nationalistic. But Indian media will not show this, else congress will not win in elections.
    But congress uses fake news and propaganda to defame them, congress party uses same strategy as british, divide and rule to keep hindus and muslims divided and in fear. the reality is in India there is lot of harmony between common man, but congress fake media will show fake hindu terrorism by way of fake news and media. I will go as far as to say congress party of India and pakistan army/ ISI are partners in crime along with British and USA left parties. In fact the hindus have been complaining that Modi has only done more for muslims and put more budget money for muslim development. but media will not show these parts as they want to promote only congress party.
    Now coming to partition of india and pakistan, the partition of India and pakistan was a fake. the provisional elections in 1946 were rigged. The nwfp voted to join India but nehru ignored them as british were not interested they should join India The British put their own puppets in power in pakistan and India. After the British seen muslims and hindus uniting in 1857, the british decided to employ divide and rule policy. They used . ex-Hindu ancestry Jinnah who was pork eater and alcohol drinker was placed in pakistan, ex-muslim ancestry Nehru was a womanizer and beef eater was placed in India. While Jinnah family business was interest taking and he never went to haj, Nehru was a british man in India, the british called gandhi to england put pressure on him to put nehru as PM of India. Even as congress workers elected sardar patel gandhi asked him to resign from candidature and placed Nehru to the post of PM. Nehru was corrupt from day one. British were not interested in India , they were not bothered even if they got divided into 50 pieces, it was more interested in pakistan due to geographical location. for another 10 years from 1947-1958 british generals were in charge of pakistan army, so the british generals were in charge at the time of 1st war with India. Nehru was told to stop Indian army from pursuing the pakistan army and to take the issue to UN, so that USA and British and congress party, nehru family, Pakistan army/ISI could make money over weapons business. Till date the poor people of pakistan cheated by Pak army/ ISI and the poor people of India cheated by congress party. Now BJP came 1st time they almost did peace with pakistan but they did not trust pervez musharraf and pakistan army. the BJP now with modi, he came to meet sarfaraz nawaz, modi will never do deal with pakistan army, or ISI or with puppet PM. BJP and modi will only do deal with people elected democratic leader of pakistan, So this is the unfortunate situation of both pakistan and India where both nations are looted by USA, British till date. If you check British documents you will see British never gave independence they gave dominion status. Subash chandra bose was removed from congress for seeking independence. In INA army his close aides included who went to Pakistan cause they had no choice , the circumstances were created in this way.
    So dont trust what you see in media it is all fake propaganda to keep hindus and muslims scared they are paid puppets of congress and USA. .
    The 1947 riots were manufactured by British, the person who started the riots in Nakholi west bengal by burning alive 5000 hindus in factory, his name was gulam sarwar, his family migrated to UK and became members of parliament in UK. The riots spread naturally due to fear of each other. It is human behaviour to attack others to protect ones own self, British used our hatred for each other against us. .British used oue own corrupt people to divide us, exactly as they did to defeat first indian emperor in battle of plassey, using Mir Jaffer the army commander of the Indian ruler.
    It is taughtt in history Jinnah wanted to create islamic state for muslims, but this is not correct , if you listen to his first speech after pakistan was formed , in that speech he said he wanted a pakistan for all minorities and muslims, If he wanted to makee secular nation then why he sepated from India, this is because he did not have choice the british were making all decisions they were to folllow only. another point gandhi told jinnah to become PM but Nehru refused, so these two had setting with the british, both jinnah and nehru. churchill was wriitting private letters to jinnah without any ones knowledge. The muslim league was created by british themselves in 1906 and its charter was loyalty to the british crown.

    Dont trust congress party and people like Martande Katju. I support Pakistan and India people to unite but the route is not via british agents like congress party and Martande Katju


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