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Sheikh Rasheed Is My Brother-In-Law, Claims Hareem Shah

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TikTok star Hareem Shah has said that Federal Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed is her brother in law.

While talking to a private media outlet, Hareem Shah said that Shaikh Rasheed was her brother in law, as he had married her friend.


Moreover, the TikTok star has denied reports of her being divorced twice, saying that false news was being spread about her.

While talking to a media outlet, Hareem Shah said that false news about her being married was being disseminated. She added that some outlet had reported that she had been divorced twice, adding that there was no truth to such reports.

In a recent report by Independent Urdu, it had been reported that Hareem Shah had been married to her cousin, but this marriage could not go on for long. The report had also said that Hareem Shah had one daughter.

The report had also said that Hareem Shah belonged to Mansehra district, and the people of her village had been ‘ashamed’ after news about her had been reported on media.

A teacher quoted in the report said that Hareem Shah had ruined the name and reputation of their village, and villagers refrained from mentioning that Hareem Shah belonged to their area.

Hareem Shah’s real name is Fizza and her mother is a school teacher, while her father is a guard of the Forestry Department.


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