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Sheikh Rasheed Admits To Talking To Hareem Shah On Phone

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Federal Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed has admitted to talking to TikTok celebrity Hareem Shah on phone, days after his recorded phone calls with the latter went viral on social media.

While talking to media at the Parliament House, Sheikh Rasheed admitted to talking to Hareem Shah, and stated, “If I talked to her on the phone so what?” adding that there was nothing wrong with it.

Moreover, he also denied Hareem Shah’s claims that he was married to one of her friends.

Last week Hareem Shah had alleged that Sheikh Rasheed had entered into marriage with one of her friends and that he had also bought a house and a car for her.

The allegations of marriage came a day after videos of Hareem Shah and Sandal Khattak in phone conversation with the Railways Minister went viral on social media.

In one of the videos, the woman, allegedly Hareem Shah, can be heard telling the minister that she had never revealed his secrets and questioned why he did not talk to her. She added that he used to engage in problematic acts on video in front of her.


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