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PML-N Receives Flak On Social Media For Supporting Amendment To Army Act

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Partisans of the PML-N on social media have been expressing their disappointment over recent developments. The sentiment stems from what is being seen as a capitulation by the party on the issue of cooperation with the government in the extension of tenure for Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa.

Now, the PML-N has explained its support for the government’s bill by saying that it “does not want the position of COAS to become controversial”.

The government was required to provide legislation to make this possible, as per the judgement of the Supreme Court. There had been speculation that the opposition’s support in this process – if at all obtained – would have been costly to the ruling PTI.

A number of prominent pro-democracy voices who had been open to engagement with the PML-N’s narrative now appear unhappy with this latest turn of events.





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Naya Daur