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PM Imran Says Stopped Reading Newspapers Due To ‘Negative’ Coverage Of Govt

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has complained about the ‘negativity’ targeted at him in the media and said he has stopped reading morning newspapers and watching talk shows on TV.

He added that his government was implementing deep institutional and governance reforms but people need to be ‘patient’ and wait for results.

He expressed these views while addressing a breakfast session in Davos in which he shared his vision for Pakistan and its economic potential before the global business leaders.

“The PM said that he was used to criticism, being in public life for 40 years. “But the last one and half years I have been been hammered in media,” he added.

He said that the only option he had was to stop reading newspapers and evening chat shows. “Problem is my officials do watch them and then tell me what they are saying,” he added.


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