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PM Imran Says Can’t Publicly Talk About Human Rights Violations In China

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Prime Minister Imran Khan, while talking to DW News, said that Pakistan cannot publicly talk about human rights issues concerning the Uighur Muslims because China is ‘really sensitive’ and that’s how they deal with issues.

When asked about the Pakistan’s critical stance on human rights violations in Indian-occupied Kashmir (IOK), but complete ‘silence’ in ethnic cleansing of Uighur Muslims in China, PM Imran Khan replied, “you cannot compare the scale of what is happening in India with what is supposed to be happening to the Uighur community in China.”

PM Khan said that China has been a great friend of Pakistan, it has helped us in our most difficult times because of the financial crisis we inherited.

“We talk about things to China in privately, we cannot do that publicly right now,” he further said that eight million people in IOK have been in an open prison for last five months. 200 million Muslims in India are facing the similar conditions following the Indian Citizenship Act.

People are criticising PM khan for his hypocrisy.


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