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PBC Expresses Dismay At Parliament Rushing To Pass Army Amendment Act

The Pakistan Bar Council has expressed its dismay at the manner in which extensions in the tenures of chiefs of the armed forces were being provided through acts of parliament without addressing the necessity and desirability of extending service chiefs’ terms.

In a statement, the PBC stated that giving extensions to incumbents in any institution created the perception of ‘indispensability’ and weakened institutions, adding that personality-specific legislative measures went against the spirit of representative democracy.

The statement added that Pakistan’s history was full of examples of damage done due to extensions in terms of powerful office-holders, adding that mistakes of the past should not be repeated.

It further said that the doctrine of necessity, which had been used to justify extraordinary measures should have no place in a democratic system.

The PBC also expressed its disapproval of the stance of political parties in the matter, who had rushed into a discussion on the procedure for extending the army chief’s tenure, rather than calling for a debate on the issue.

The PBC added that it expected political parties, who had pledged to uphold civilian supremacy, to honour their commitment in the face of this challenge.


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