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Pakistan’s Media Houses Are Not Paying Their Employees

Journalist Khaleeq Kiani of DAWN took to Twitter in announcing how media houses are not paying salaries.

The top defaulter is Pakistan’s old Urdu newspaper Nawai Waqt where workers have not been paid for more 10 months. Capital TV the second on the list that has not been paying its staff for 8 months or so. Last week, Capital TV was widely criticised for not paying a staffer who suffered a heart attack at a young age.

In a comment for NayaDaur, Kiani added that the list was prepared “jointly by a committee constituted by Senate Chairman and Parliamentary Reporters Association on the basis of written reports from staff of these media outlets. Others have also been asked to provide their reports by this weekend.”

In December 2018, Afzal Butt, the president of Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists, said while talking to Columbia Journalism Review, “It is the worst financial crisis the media industry has seen since it was liberalized,” But the financial paralysis of news outlets has not been entirely a function of the market. It has been a direct result of the government’s recent austerity measures.


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