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Pakistani Driver In Dubai Emerges As Saviour For Indian Woman

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A Pakistani driver has saved an Indian woman from trouble by returning her bag filled with cash and travel documents in Dubai.

According to a report in urdu.siasat.pk, an Indian woman Rachel Rose, resident of Britain, was travelling in Dubai, and on January 4, hailed a taxi of a Pakistani driver. She later forgot her bag in the taxi.

The bag contained Rachel’s visa, UAE residency card, health insurance, driving license, credit card, and more than a thousand dirhams.

Rachel found herself in a troublesome situation, as she did not have a copy of the visa, and needed to apply for another one. She also was unable to get much help from Dubai’s authorities as the number plate of the taxi was not visible in CCTV cameras.

On the other hand, the taxi driver, Mudasir, sought help from Dubai’s transport authority and police, but his efforts were in vain. After repeated attempts, he was given the number of the one who booked the taxi.

Mudassir subsequently contacted Rachel and returned her the purse. Rachel’s father tried to give Mudassir 600 dirhams as a goodwill gesture, but Mudassir refused.


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