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‘Not Backed By Establishment’: Filmmaker Jami Hits Back At Critics

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Film director Jami, who recently named Dawn CEO Hameed Haroon as his rapist, has said that he is not working for the establishment.

Following his naming of Hameed Haroon as his rapist, the latter had said that he was convinced that the false and malicious allegation had been levelled at the instigation of powerful interests in the state and society who want to promote their own repressive narrative.

Jami has responded to this view, and in a tweet, revealed that he had told some journalists and artists during a meeting with them at T2F, adding that he had showed them evidence that he did not belong to any agency or the establishment.

He further said that he had spent his entire life taking a stance against the establishment. He added that he had also fought against misogyny, global war crimes and Balochistan’s struggle against corruption.

After Jami named Hameed Haroon as his rapist, observers had said that the fact that this issue was raised while Dawn was getting a tough time from the establishment made it appear that Jami was doing this at their behest.

People reacting to the news had called for the news channel to be collectively shamed.

One user had said that Hameed Haroon and his band of ‘presstitutes’ should be dragged to D-chowk and hanged for three days.


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