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Menace Of Child Abuse In Kasur Has Faded The Ray Of Sufism

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Kasur is famous for its sweets, saints, hospitality and special strategic location aligning with the Indian Punjab border. Kasur’s “Meethi” fenugreek and turmeric are famous owing to their famous taste worldwide. The cotton of Kasur also enjoys a unique status in markets. Before partition 1947, Ferozepur road used to pass through Lahore to Kasur and the same road led to Ferozepur city to Amritsar, Delhi and so on.

A well-known Sufi poet of Punjabi, Syed Bulleh Shah, is the key acquaintance of Kasur and this is above all its popularities. Syed Bulleh Shah gave a unique identity to this city through his power of spiritualism and poetry of self-accountability. He preached society to care about the ignored rights of human beings and how to challenge the status quo by standing firm with the vulnerable.

In this decade, unfortunately, Kasur has emerged as the most vulnerable area concerning the numerous child abuse cases in Pakistan. A series of very unfortunate happenings portraited a very contorted face of this city and its peaceful denizens that is the factually incorrect and distorted version of irresponsible, non-professional and manipulated media. Baseless media reports and biased reporting figures put innocent people of Kasur in baluster without any crime.

It is the prior responsibility of media to observe the dire post-consequences of any issue on the demography of that specific area. It is reported and complained by several individuals of Kasur that they were treated in an insulting and humiliating way on different forums. It is the honest duty of media to make the citizens realise that the only perpetrator has not a right to represent all the area, this act ultimately overcomes the kindness of that particular area.  “Entire society can’t be blamed for a sin which is committed by any single individual. This one is sheer social injustice with that justice society.”

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Media’s misreporting depicted Kasur as the only place in the country where child abuse takes place.

According to a child rights organization Sahil, 2003 cases of child sexual abuse were reported in Punjab in 2013 and 2054 cases in 2014. Out of the total of 3508 cases in Pakistan, 58% of cases were reported from Punjab. This could be related to media having greater access and channels of communication in Punjab as compared to remote areas of the country with the least number of cases. 

Kasur and its entire demography are not responsible for this kind of plight as people of other cities have also played their part in this cruel crime.

As per the detailed report of Sahil, the child abuse cases in Pakistan have increased from 9 cases per day in 2017 to 12 cases daily in the first half of the year 2018.

The soil of Kasur has given birth to very competent and excellent lawyers, bureaucrats, nuclear scientists, worrier generals and wise political figures to Pakistan with strong stature. The sons of the soil played a pivotal role in two major wars of 1965 and 1971 with India. Volunteers belonging to Kasur fought both wars with army personals shoulder to shoulder and assisted the Pakistan Army to occupy the Indian territory of Khem-Kren.

The land of Kasur is very hospitable, owing to its hospitality, most of the refugees of the partition of British India (1947) decided to live here instead of other cities of Pakistan. About half of the population of Kasur is based on the refugees who migrated from India at the times of partition.

Locals of Kasur welcomed the refugees and shared their properties, edibles, and shelters with refugees for free who came from India to Pakistan and fixed a historical example of brotherhood, hospitality, and sacrifices with an open heart.


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