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Mehwish Hayat Calls Out Tarek Fatah For Posting Scene From ‘Load-wedding’

Actor Mehwish Hayat called out Pakistani-Canadian columnist and political commentator Tarek Fatah for depicting a scene from her 2018 film Load Wedding as a real event in Pakistan.

Tarek Fatah posted a video on his Twitter in which a woman is seen refusing a polio worker’s request to inoculate her child.

“It’s a scene from my movie Load Wedding, the polio worker is me and that woman an actress. Through the film we were raising awareness of the issue. Glad to see our performances were so convincing,” tweeted Mehwish.

Following the Mehwish’s tweet and the hundreds of people calling him out, Tarek did not apologise but deleted his tweet.


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  1. Mohammad Nafees January 16, 2020

    What’s wrong with the comment that was highlighting a problem that often occurs in the country with the polio volunteers. Even if a movie clip is used by someone to highlight this problem, is it wrong? What, in fact, Mehwish is trying to tell Tarek Fatah? Is she complaining that her role as an outstanding actress is not recognized? A report published in Express Tribune of 22 December 2019 claims that over a million K-P parents refused polio vaccination in 2019. What’s more concerning for us – the reference of a movie, the actress, or the plights of the helpless children who are left without vaccination because of a mindset created in the country by the militant’s ideology?


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