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KP Govt Declares Hindu Temple As A National Heritage Site

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The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has declared an ancient Hindu religious site of Panj Tirath as a heritage site.

Panj Tirath gets its name from the five pools of water present at the place, and consists of a temple and a lawn. Panj Tirath is more than a thousand years old and is located in Hashtnagri in Peshawar.

According to a report in Logical Indian, the site was damaged in 1747 when the Durranis rules the area. It was only under Sikh rule that the temple was restored and the Hindus started worshiping in the temple again.

According to a report in Daily Pakistan, a notification issued under the KP Antiquities Act 2016 called for encroachments to be removed from the area and for the site to be handed over to archaeologists so they could start restoration work.

In the Mahabharata epic, Hindu king of Hastinapur, Pandu, was from this area. Throughout the ages, Hindus have frequented this place to take bath in the pools of water.

Moreover, a fine of Rs 2 million and imprisonment of five years has been announced by the KP government for anyone found guilty of destroying the historic site.


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