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Khalilur Rehman Qamar Is Truly The Biggest Feminist Of The World

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To all the women out there, if you’re perplexed about who you are, what your rights are and how you are expected to act in this world, I’ve got the perfect solution for you. Go and listen to the full of wisdom interviews and talks of the guru, Khalil ur Rehman.

A wise man who is there to tell women about their rights and how they are supposed to act and what makes them a woman. Let me enlighten you with what he has to say about us.

Firstly, a woman is supposed to be modest and loyal. If she does not possess these characteristics then she should not even call herself a women, she is a ‘non woman’ – whatever that means. By this he is indicating that your beauty as a woman is taken away if you do not possess these characteristics. A man is free to marry as many women he wants. But as a woman you can NEVER do something that will injure the integrity of your family or your husband.

Secondly, don’t use makeup. Makeup can change your face entirely and if a person first sees you with tons of makeup on your face and later on realizes that this is not truly your real face; that is pure betrayal. Look, it doesn’t matter what your character is, how smart you are, how good your personality is-all that matters is the makeup on your face because that is the only thing men look at and they want to see your true self which can only be done without having any makeup on.

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Thirdly, Khalil ur Rehman is there to give you your rights so don’t you worry about that! We sure as hell don’t know what our rights are, they are in his hands and not ours and he will grant them to us and make us aware about them. After all he is the biggest feminist in the world, who believes women should be given equal right, but just a little below men. May our society be blessed with more sagacious men like him.

And fourthly, to understand equality he believes women should gang rape men and rob buses like men so that he can understand what women mean by equality. Well Khalil Sahab, I don’t even know what to say to this statement of yours, I believe it is too shrewd for a person like me, actually a women like me to understand what you want to indicate here and how this in any way solves the problem or addresses the issue of equality and feminism. This wise statement of yours could only be understood by a wise man like you.

An honorable man like Khalil ur Rehman should not be questioned for being against women. As when the news broke out of rumors of his marriage with the actress Eshal Fayaz he took the necessary step to stop these rumors as he did want to be linked with such ‘second rate women’.

How can an actress who worked in his own drama be modest? This surely makes her of a low caliber. His wife claims that he pleases not only women of his family but even others as well, so many women call and he is a “Dil Phaink Insaan”. This shows how kind and loving he is towards all women, and we over here are questioning his statements. Keeping a good many women content at the same time surely is not an easy task.

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Salute to you Khalil Sahab for that you’ve done for women and taught them! Respect.

This article is a piece of satire.


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