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Junaid Safdar Graduates From LSE, Says Politics Punishes Those On Right Side Of History

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Pakistan Muslim League – N (PML-N) leader Maryam Nawaz’s son Junaid Safdar has graduated from one of London School of Economics (LSE)’s well renowned degrees – the MSc International Relations – where he studied courses ranging from American foreign policy to warfare and political economy. The young man had already completed his under-graduation from Durham University and then completed a Master’s degree from University College London.

Speaking to Naya Daur and going on record for the first time, Junaid said, “Both these Masters were completed in very testing circumstances. I had lost my grandmother to cancer last year whilst my grandfather and parents were serving their sentences in Adyala Jail, and later in Lahore. My UCL dissertation was written on the way to Adyala and back to Lahore. My LSE dissertation was written whilst I accompanied my mother to her court appearances.”

Junaid wrote his UCL dissertation during a highly pressurising time when his parents and grandfather were serving time in jail. His time was split between visiting his family in jail and working on his dissertation. His London School of Economics dissertation was written during days when he accompanied Maryam Nawaz to NAB courts multiple times.

Junaid is seen accompanying Maryam Nawaz to NAB court during days when he was focusing on the final LSE thesis.

Junaid at the funeral of Kulsoom Nawaz, whose death rocked the Sharif family.

When asked about the methods he employed to juggle between monumental familial, political responsibilities and studies, Junaid said: “All praise be to Allah, perseverance does indeed command success as the walls of Aitchison College remind us to this day,” he said.

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Unlike his graduation from Durham University where Junaid was accompanied by parents Maryam Nawaz and Safdar Awan, they were both unable to join him this time around, due to political turmoil in the country.

When broached on this emotional topic, he said: “Although I wish my parents could see me graduate, I understand that politics is a tale of both fortune and misfortune, and so is life.” He said he was interesting to see that sense of political maturity bred in him at this age.

The PML-N supremo’s grandson has also been an active member of England’s polo community having won several inter university competitions, and participated at various high profile events like University of London Polo championship.

Lastly when asked to comment on the political situation and saga of accountability against his family, he responded: “Unfortunately, Pakistani politics punishes those who prefer to be on the right side of history. It rewards and punishes in hindsight, therefore, let vindication also be left to history.”


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