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Islamabad Bar Association Asks Members To Declare Faith

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Islamabad Bar Association (IBA) has issued a notice asking its members to sign an affidavit declaring their faith, in an apparent bid to identify Ahmadi lawyers. The members have been given an ultimatum until January 30 to submit the affidavit.


According to reports, those who declare their faith to be Islam will later be required to sign an affidavit renewing their faith in the finality of Prophethood. A copy of the affidavit is circulating on social media where users have condemned the move fearing it would result in discrimination against non-Muslim members.

Last week, a group of lawyers in Multan had demanded barring of Ahmadi lawyers from contesting the Multan Bar Association elections. Discrimination against Ahmadi professionals is not new in Pakistan. Their businesses are boycotted and they often find themselves on the receiving end of hateful campaigns both on ground and on social media.

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Naya Daur