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Iranian General Qasim Suleimani’s ‘Murderer’ Killed In Plane Crash In Afghanistan

Russian intelligence sources have claimed that the plane that crashed in Afghanistan has claimed the life of Iranian general Qasim Suleimani’s murderer. The Iranian media has quoted the Russian sources as saying that Iran’s ‘big enemy’ Michael D’Andrea, the head of CIA’s Iran Mission, was on board the plane that crashed in Afghanistan.

An Iranian website named Front Page made these revelations about D’Andrea who is the most prominent figure of the CIA intelligence in the region. He is also known as ‘Ayatollah Mike’.

Since 2017, D’ Andrea has run the CIA’s false flag and assassination programs in the Middle East, allegedly responsible not only for the murder of General Soleimani but the killing of 300 Iraqi protesters.
Meanwhile, the US military has acknowledged the loss of a Bombardier/Northrop Grumman E-11A plane in central Afghanistan, but they added that the aircraft was not downed.


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