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Iran Denies Ukranian Plane Crashed After Being Struck By Missile

Iran has denied that the Ukrainian plane that crashed near Tehran on Tuesday was shot down by an Iranian missile.

Iran’s Civil Aviation Organisation chief Ali Abedzadeh stated during a press conference that the plane had certainly not been hit by a missile.

Abedzadeh’s comments came following a video that recently surfaced and was claimed to have been verified by the New York Times, that shows a missile hitting the plane.

Before the video, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that he had received intelligence from various sources that showed that the plane had been shot by an Iranian surface-to-air missile.

Moreover, foreign media has also reported that US sources with access to intelligence reports were under the increasing belief that an anti-aircraft missile was the cause of the crash of the Ukranian plane.

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also said that there was a considerable amount of information that suggested that the flight was struck with a missile.

The plane had crashed a few hours after Iranian missile strikes against military bases in Iraq housing US troops following the killing of Iranian general Qasim Suleimani.


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