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How Do Muslim Men Perceive ‘Hoor’?

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A controversy regarding Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement is currently in vogue. A tranquilizer leads him into delusional delirium which makes paramedical staff around him appear like ‘hoors’.

Concept of hoor, music and pleasure in heaven is a part of Islamic ideology. But such parts of Islamic tradition should not find relations with real life occurrences or its social Praxis as seen through the lens of Mullah. Because it’s not possible to perceive such a thing and to imagine what kind of things they will be. Moreover, the purpose of Islamic and Quranic teachings is to make yourself a better human being. The rewards should be left in the place of rewards.

Most Pakistani men yearn for hoors when they can’t get the women they want in their actual lives. They cherish the very idea in their dreams. If you have a look into their phenomenon of Hoor and how do they perceive it, you come to know that they can’t go beyond the very physical worldly temptations of women they can’t get access to. Being a good Muslims, they are trying to reject the temptation and lust time and again by referring to it as a sin but then they say they’ll find hoors, music and tasteful pleasure in heaven. How could one stop himself from seeking the same tasteful pleasure which is time and again instigated, endorsed and so eagerly sponsored by the Mullah? Isn’t it a paradox?

If this heavenly pleasure, lust or temptation is something beyond this worldly pleasure, then how could the audience imagine it as something beyond its current situatedness?

Either don’t preach such a pleasure as fruitful bearing of your forbidden desire in this world or use some other jargon which is equally out of this worldly plane, which is equally timeless and celestial in its implication.

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How is it possible for the audience to imagine something beyond their consciousness, something which is not rooted in their social grounding and situated historicity? Don’t you think, he will fall prey to the same temptation, sexual pleasure and lust he had constantly been ordered to develop a restrain from? How is it possible to imagine such pleasure which is forbidden here and referred back and forth as a reward in Jannah?

Please stop inducing this fruitful bearing for the dwellers of Jannah because whenever they will think of ‘hoor’, they will only imagine of it as some thing which could cause sexual arousal in them here in this world. If they will imagine of Taos & Rubab, it will be the same melody and music they are so consistently told by Mullah to reject! Because the only thing they can perceive through their consciousness is physical, cognitive and psychological understanding of the fact and situation they live in.

That is why there is a such a gap between Islamic ideology as a theory and its social praxis! Mullah preaches a double standard of morality.

One is out there on a celestial plane , sacred to the extent of its lack of practice. Such religious musings which are uprooted from their social practice and glorified with high resounding standards of morality, structure themselves upon the shoulders of impractical society and eventually falls in the hands of moral bankruptcy and religious hypocrisy.

We seriously need to dismantle this narrative through counter-narrative and counter-arguments.There is a dire need to deconstruct this impractical religious narrative put forth by the Mullahs.

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