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Hareem Shah Controversy: Bedroom Relations Should Be Kept Away From Politics

Excessive coverage of TikTok Girl Hareem Shah’s leaked videos is not only a sign of political and moral bankruptcy but also a testimony to the mental retardation of the majority of people. The social and moral values of Bourgeoisie culture are not hidden from anyone. But being overly critical of such news is also the death of real journalism in Pakistan. The basic question is, “Why do we need to give this event so much coverage?” Such matters are part of everyone’s personal life, so let them be a part of their lives. Why on earth do we need to bring bedroom relations to the public domain through mainstream media?

Prioritizing this kind of news expresses deep concern over not only the moral decadence but the quality of news and the need for genuine journalism in Pakistan, it raises many questions on the purpose and quality of journalism too. It highlights the irrelevance of an unnecessary issue of a woman who has nothing to do with the administration and legal affairs of the cabinet, nor the economic and social conditions. The spicy news (which perhaps should belong to showbiz) are making their ways to the mainstream politics; talk shows are full of these sorts of spicy news. Reporters and journalists are looking out for such content. It seems that politics and journalism are more concerned about “who is going to be exposed next?”

In a political scenario, this attitude highlights many things. Much criticism of what Hareem Shah said and did is not necessary because what she did and said is part of a relationship that was based on the mutual consent of both parties. The relentless criticism of this kind has turned politics and journalism into a filthy joke. There is already such a gap between elite class politics and public activity that has never been filled. But one thing has become clear that the journey of elite class politics just begins with drawing-room politics and ends with bedroom politics.

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Resistance politics and people’s movements that represent the people are actual activism and true politics but unfortunately, it has no strong political backbone. On the other side, the politics of the drawing-room is just limited to formal discussions and few fake promises. It begins with gossip and ends with shouting at talk shows. There is no real “politic” which Edward Said terms as politics in practice especially when it comes to policymaking or talking about people’s rights. There is no real progressive democracy flourishing in Pakistan that can talk about people’s rights in people’s governments.

Pakistan is facing a lot of problems, there is a long list of issues ranging from the energy crisis to the economic crisis. Issues also include the social attitudes and political flaws of our system. These national subjects need urgent legislation so that they can be addressed and highlighted through political debate. But discussion alone is not enough, we need real political activism.

People are looking for justice and trying to seek it through legal forums. Religious extremism is killing the nation. The rights of ethnicities and minorities have been usurped. Social and intellectual growth is the immediate need of the hour for creating social and political awareness among the youth and general masses. There should be a talk on supporting women’s rights. There is an immediate need to ban the culture of pedophilia in madrassas and punish the offender as soon as possible. It’s such a sad state of affairs that we have no real problem left but just a small matter to discuss that is “what would be TikTok girl Hareem Shah doing right now?


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