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Government May Be First To Enjoy Total Support Of Military: PM Imran Khan At Davos

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PM Imran Khan addressed the issue of civil-military relations in response to a question during his remarks to the International Media Council at Davos during his appearance at the World Economic Forum (WEF) summit.

PM Imran Khan said that his government is “probably the first government that is totally being supported by our military”.

He went on to state:

“There is no issue between the civilian government and the military. And the reason is that I think there is a total trust there.”

In the case of previous governments, the military’s intelligence agencies knew what was going on when the civilian leadership was making money, according to the PM. For this reason, he noted, these civilian leaders wanted to control the military.

As for his own government, the PM stated that he had “no problems with the military” ever since it came to power. He also noted that his foreign policy enjoyed the support of all institutions including the military, “simply because they believe we are in the right direction.”


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