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Father Of 5 Could Not Provide Warm Clothes For Children, Commits Suicide

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Mir Hasan, resident of Korangi in Karachi, is reported to have committed suicide due to his inability to provide warm clothes to his children.

The father of five was a labourer at a graveyard. He had written a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan, informing him of his difficult life due to poverty and asking for assistance with housing and unemployment. Unable to provide for his family, Mir Hasan eventually ended his life by setting himself on fire with petrol. 60 percent of his body suffered severe burns according to medical authorities.

In a suicide note that was discovered near him, Mir Hasan referred again to high prices of essentials of life on the market, saying that he was left with no other option. He is survived by his wife and children. The widow has stated that the family had been living on an empty plot, and with her husband gone, reiterated her family’s urgent need for housing and financial relief.

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