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DNA Test Confirms Minor Was Raped By Madrassa Teacher In Mansehra

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The results from a DNA test in a case of child sexual abuse in a madrassah in Mansehra have matched samples obtained from the primary accused, a teacher at the said seminary, police have said.

The district police office sent a letter to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police, in which it said that all relevant stages of the investigation have been completed and a challan about the case will be presented before the court.

The letter further said that various samples of evidence including the doctor’s report, as well as the witnesses’ statements revealed that the primary accused was, in fact, the perpetrator.
A report in the Express Tribune quoted officials at the Phulra station as saying that the district police had received the report but refused to comment on its contents, saying that they have only been directed to produce it before the court at the next hearing.


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