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Detained Activist’s Sister Shares He Left Lucrative Job To Work In Pakistan

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Researcher at PIDE Sundus Saleemi took to social media to share the story of her brother Nawfal Saleemi, who is now under arrest for having participated in a civil society protest in Islamabad against the ongoing crackdown on critical voices in the country.

She wrote about how her brother left lucrative employment in the UAE to return to Pakistan due to his progressive ideals and his wish to work for the downtrodden masses in Pakistan. Nawfal Saleemi was part of the organizing efforts by the leftist Awami Workers’ Party (AWP) in Islamabad’s katchi abadi movement, as these low-income settlements were targeted by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) for eviction of residents.

According to his sister, he was also involved in producing the AWP’s position paper on Pakistan’s “Economy of Debt”. She went on to speak of his academic accomplishments since high-school and his admission to prestigious British universities including Oxford, LSE and SOAS. He also has a vital role at home with family, especially since their father passed away when the siblings were young.

Nawfal Saleemi remains among the protesters arrested and charged with sedition in Islamabad recently. The protesters have been denied bail.


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