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Council Of Islamic Ideology Declares Certain Sections Of NAB Ordinance ‘Unislamic’

Pakistan Council of Islamic Ideology has declared certain sections of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) ordinance as un-Islamic.

While talking to media, CII Chairman Qibla Ayaz said that sections 14D, 15A and 26 of the NAB ordinance are not in line with Islam.

He added that there was no concept of approver and plea bargain in Islam.

Section 14D of the ordinance states that the burden of proof that an official discharged his duties fairly lies on the accused.

Section 15 states that the person who is convicted shall cease to hold office, and after serving his sentence, shall be disqualified for public sector employment for 10 years.

Section 26 allows the full pardoning of a person who agrees to make a full disclosure about the circumstances in which the crime was committed and the names of all those involved.

Following the statement, Federal Minister for Science and Technology said that decisions of the council were never endorsed by various religious groups and that he did not understand why millions of rupees were spent on such institutions.


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