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British-Pakistani Father Beaten By Gangsters Hired By Ex-Wife In Czech Republic

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A British-Pakistani father was beaten by gangsters hired by his ex-wife in Czech Republic’s capital of Prague amid a legal battle for the custody of their British-born daughters.

According to a report in The News, the man, Otaiba Sheikh, is a computer science graduate from London, who currently lives in Prague and is engaged in a legal battle for the custody of this daughters, aged four and six.

Sheikh married a Czech national, Jana, in 2011 and later moved to London. In 2015, the family moved back to Prague, but Otaiba continued to work at this job at a multi-national company in London.

The report in the The News quoted Otaiba’s lawyer, Hedvika Hartmanova, as narrating that the couple’s marriage went south when, in 2017, Otaiba discovered that Jana was cheating on him.

Otaiba filed for divorce and a legal battle ensued in which he was given 50 percent of the custody of the children. During this time, Jana also offered Otaiba 100% custody, though the court did not agree to this allegedly due to him being a Muslim.

The lawyer stated that Jana had a drinking problem and failed to provide a safe living environment to the children. Often, strange men would visit the house.

Otaiba has alleged to the court that Jana started working for an escort agency in Prague, and traveled around Europe to meet clients while ignoring her daughters, a fact the lawyer said was established in court.

Around early 2018, Otaiba’s daughter informed school staff that her mother and friends were planning to murder her father. One day, Otaiba arrived at home to collect his daughter for school when he was attacked by Jana and two men. One of them set his bullterrier at Otaiba. Otaiba received numerous injuries to his head and a permanent injury to his hand. Following the incident, Czech police recommended criminal charges.

However, Czech prosecution took no action despite having video recording of the attack.

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Later on, Otaiba found out that his daughters were living in a caravan with their mother, with the caravan being shared by strangers. The lawyer stated that one child informed Otaiba that they were made to share beds with strangers.

Meanwhile, a regional court in Prague established that Jana was a sex worker. Otaiba’s legal team expressed their reservations about this to both UK and Czech authorities, but they did not do much to ensure the safety of the children. Otaiba also alleged in court that his daughters may had faced sexual abuse, but Czech social services didn’t do much in this regard.

Otaiba’s lawyer has said that she did not rule out the possibility that a lack of action by the Czech justice system was motivated by racism or Islamophobia. Jana’s lawyer, Klara Samkova, is known to make Islamophobic threats and share fake but demeaning news concerning Muslims.


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