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Big Rally Held in London Against Modi And Discriminatory Laws Enacted by India

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By H. A. Salam
Indian expats and people from various backgrounds organised a rally against Narendra Modi from Downing Street to the Indian High Commission in London.
Thousands attended this protest which was held against the Citizen Amendment Act as well as the changes in the National Registry of Citizens. Protestors chanted slogans saying “Modi Fascist” throughout the rally with some elements hurling abusive words towards the Indian Prime Minister.
The CAA discriminates against Muslims by offering Indian citizenship to all religious minorities of the region except for muslims. This law has alienated over 200 million Muslims in India who believe that there is a systematic campaign launched against their rights by Prime Minister Modi and BJP leader Amit Shah.
The National Registry of Citizens also threatens the status of 1.9 million Indian residents from Assam who were not included in the updated list submitted in August 2019. Many of these citizens are Bengali Hindus who form the vote bank of the BJP but since Amit Shah who serves as the Home Minister of India promised to implement the NRC, the status of 1.9 millions Indian residents has come into question.
Labour MP from Ilford South, Sam Tarry expressed his concerns over Modi’s fascist policies and expressed his shock as to what had happened to Gandhi’s country.
More Labour MPs sent messages supporting the protest including Clive Lewis (MP for Norwich South), Rupa Huq (MP for Ealing), Stephen Timms (MP for East Ham) and Nadia Whitthome (MP Nottingham East), UK’s youngest Member of Parliament, who said, ‘Some will characterise these movements for democracy as “anti-India”. But this is part of a global fight against the far-right – whether in India, Hungary, Brazil, or here in the UK. In South Asia and the diaspora, we can only overcome the politics of division by banding together on what unites us: aspirations for a good standard of living, a decent wage, safety, and a world in which our children can breathe clean air’.
Students from SOAS and South Asian Students Against Facism also participated in this rally.
A spokesperson of the SOAS India Society said that ‘fascism today is a truly global problem. Leaders like Jair Bolsonaro and Narendra Modi draw tactical and moral support from each other’.

Anti war activist Tariq Ali also commented on this protest saying that, “Thank you Modi for uniting Hindus and Muslims”. 


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