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ATC Acquits 40 Accused In Youhanabad Lynching Case Following ‘Compromise’

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Following the compromise reached with complainants, an anti-terrorism court (ATC) on Wednesday acquitted 40 people accused in the Youhanabad lynching cases of two men, Babar Noman and Naeem.

The court also acquitted 47 members of the Christian community, who were accused of arson, rioting and damaging state property. ATC Judge Arshad Hussain Bhutta concluded four trials relating to the Youhanabad incident.

OIn the two trials of lynching, the complainants recorded their statements that they had reached a compromise with the accused.

Out of the 42 accused in the lynching cases, two had died in jail. In the other two cases of arson and rioting, the ATC judge acquitted the accused by giving them the benefit of doubt.

At least 15 people were killed and 85 injured after two bombers blew themselves up outside two churches in Youhanabad area on March 15, 2015. A mob had brutally killed the two men in the aftermath of the deadly church bombings.


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