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Activist Parveen Rehman Was Killed By Land Grabbers, JIT Tells SC

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Social worker and Orangi Pilot Project (OPP) Director Parveen Rehman was allegedly killed by her neighbor Raheem Swati for land grabbing, Supreme Court (SC) has been told by Joint Investigation Team (JIT) on Tuesday.

The report also stated that she had neither named any influential person as being a threat to her except her neighbor, Raheem Swati. In a 2011 interview given to journalist Fahad Deashmukh, she had clearly identified Raheem Swati as an extortionist and land grabber seeking to seize OPP office land.

“The motive behind her murder was to grab OPP office land. The accused were Pashtun and could not tolerate a Bihari lady heading a major organization in the predominantly Pashtun and Afghan area”, says the JIT final report submitted in the apex court.

It also said that the accused arrested and currently facing trial in the case were the real culprits involved in the deceased’s murder.

“This JIT had no qualms about resolving the most difficult issues in this complex investigation over the last six long years. Its members have tried their level best to perform their duties to the utmost satisfaction of the court”, says the report.

Last year, the petitioners had requested the Supreme Court to constitute a JIT comprising officials of federal agencies, a plea the court had accepted. This report is the result of the JIT’s investigation.


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