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71-Year-Old Pakistani Accused In British Policewoman Killing Case Demands Trial At Home

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A 71-year-old Pakistani man, who was arrested earlier this month in Islamabad over the 2005 killing of a British woman police officer does not want to be extradited to Britain and is asking that he be tried in his home country.

The lawyer of suspect Piran Ditta Khan, appeared before a court in the capital for a second hearing over Britain’s extradition request. His arrest was the result of close cooperation between Pakistani authorities and British detectives.

“The court is expected to review investigations by Pakistani officials into the case before considering a final decision on Britain’s extradition request. The next hearing is due within 10 days,” the lawyer, Raja Ghaneem Aabar has said.

In 2005, after the killing of British police women, six men were arrested in Britain but Khan, who was suspected of being the armed gang’s organiser, had fled abroad.


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