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20 Disgruntled PTI Punjab MPAs Join Hands After Feeling Wronged By CM Buzdar

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Following the rift between PTI and its allies in the center, a group of 20 ‘unhappy’ PTI lawmakers have joined hands in Punjab to express their resentment for being ignored in the distribution of public funds and public welfare projects.

“We have faced ‘ruthless’ discrimination from the Shahbaz government during the past one decade and the situation seems no different in the Buzdar dispensation as our constituencies are still being ignored in terms of development projects,” said PTI MPA Sardar Shahabuddin from PP-263 (Layyah-II), while speaking to media on Monday. He added, 20 MPAs have joined hands to raise their “genuine concerns” before the party leadership as their voters were pushing them to deliver at least in the PTI government.

The Governor Punjab Chaudhry Sarwar, regarding party MPAs concerns, said, “Intra-party difference of opinion is beauty of democracy and PTI believes in freedom of expression – essence of a democratic set-up. The parliamentarians have the prerogative to put forth their demands since they have been elected to the assemblies by making promises with the people of their respective constituencies.”

Sources in the PTI say frustration was growing among the party MPAs owing to party’s failure in delivering and winning public praise for the Punjab government led by CM Usman Buzdar.


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