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Young Indian Celebrities Support Student Protests, Veterans Remain Silent

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Students all across India are protesting against the discriminatory the recently-passed Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), according to which, all other all other minorities, except for Muslims, can become Indian citizens after residing in the country for a period of six years.

The protests by students against CAA have drawn support from younger Bollywood celebrities. They have condemned the attacks on students by the police and have argued that the CAA represents fascism in India.

The ‘Student of the Year’ actor Siddhart Malhotra pointed out that this act represents a slippery slope for the future of Indian secularism and diversity.

Parineeti Chopra, the ‘Kesari’ actor, also commented on the situation. She said that everyone should have the freedom of expression and should not be attacked physically for doing so.

Older mainstream celebrities have still not voiced their support for these protests and have been called out on Twitter in the hashtag #shameonbollywood.


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