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When Karachi’s Brave Son Was Shot In Cold Blood

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Today marks the first death anniversary of MQM politician Ali Raza Abidi who was gunned down outside his residence in DHA Karachi on this day last year.

The slain politician was leaving his residence when unknown gunmen on a motorbike opened fire on him. CCTV footage was not enough to recognize them as they had their face covered.

The politician succumbed to the injuries sustained. According to the post mortem report, he was shot in the chest, neck and arm.

The police were quick to start their investigation into his death but could not produce any results quickly. The parents of the politician blamed the police for incompetence and even said that the police are trying to erase evidence that might lead to identifying the assailants. At one point they even asked for people working on the case to be changed.

The police have been slow in dealing with the case and at one point even said that organized crime networks from South Africa might be involved. According to a Sindh counter terrorism official, this attack was a targeted killing.

Eventually the police did identify the killers and they were presented in front of an anti-terrorism court (ATC). The three men were indicted, others still remain at large. According to the three, they were given 8 lakh rupees in return for the murder.

The MQM politician was an MNA from NA 251, where he won in the 2013 elections. In 2017 he resigned from his seat stating personal reasons, saying that he was not able to do anything for his constituents and that he disapproved of the MQM-PSP alliance. He also was opposed to the way the Ranger operation in Karachi had been conducted.

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Abidi also ran for election in 2018 from NA 243 but was defeated by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Abidi had been a vocal opponent of banned sectarian outfits like the Ahl-e-Sunnat Wal Jammat (ASWJ) and had been calling on the authorities to arrest the outfits leaders and stop their political activities. Prior to his murder, accounts associated with banned terror outfits were carrying out a smear campaign against him, targeting him for his Shia faith. Some believe that anti-Shia militants were behind Abidi’s assassination.

The politician was a resident of Karachi as well and was deeply involved in the community. He was the owner of the beloved eatery Biryani of the Seas.

Before becoming a politician, he had gone to Boston College for his undergraduate studies where he majored in business management.

His father Syed Ikhlaq Hussain Abidi was also involved in politics.

The politician will always be remembered by the residents of Karachi as he fought for them. His murderers are yet to be brought to book.


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