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Two Afghan Nationals Arrested At Torkham

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Two convicted Afghan nationals escaped from prison at Landi Kohat in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa due to the negligence of local police.

These accused Fayaz Mahrof Khel and Khalid Wafadar were arrested at Torkham Border yesterday and were wanted by the Islamabad Police for their involvement in several cases. They were nominated in FIRs relating to mobile phone snatching and robberies in Islamabad.

The police said that security forces have arrested two Afghan nationals on the Pak-Afghan Torkham Border. Upon checking their criminal record, it was found that they were wanted by the Islamabad Police. The security forces handed over them to Landi Kotal Police from where they reportedly escaped last night.

Police has started search operation to arrest the accused but they didn’t get any leads. The Prison does not have CCTV cameras due to which the police cannot identify the accused. One of the accused belongs to Nangrahar province while other Lughman.

The civil society has condemned the escape and demanded from government to provide digital facilities to prisons in Khyber District. They will help the police in arresting the accused and nobody will give them protection.


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