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Three New Cases Of Child Sexual Abuse Surface In Kasur

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Three new cases of child sexual abuse have surfaced in Kasur as a seven-year-old boy and two girls fell victim to the menace.

A report in Express News quoted Kasur Police spokesperson Sajid Hussain as saying that in the city’s Ghumman area, two men sexually abused a 15-year-old girl.

Moreover, in Rehmanpuri Mustafa Abad, a 12-year old girl was sexually abused while in Kangan Puri, a 7-year-old was became a victim.

Police have registered a case regarding all three incidents and efforts are underway to arrest them. In September, Kasur had been shaken as bodies of three minors were recovered in sand dunes in the city. The minor boys had been subjected to sexual assault before murder.


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