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Student Revolts: A New Hope For India

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Justice Katju argues that the students’ protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act in India marks the start of a greater process of change that will allow the country to return to its past glory. 

The students agitation in India against the blatantly discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) marks the beginning of the coming of a historical Revolution in India, which will sweep away the filth of the centuries old feudal reactionary practices, customs and mindsets, abolish poverty, unemployment, malnourishment, ignorance, farmers distress, lack of healthcare and other social evils plaguing the country, and usher India into an age of prosperity and justice for all.

The present ongoing student agitation in India is reminiscent of the May Fourth Movement in China in 1919, which can be said to be the beginning of the Chinese Revolution which ultimately triumphed in October 1949.

On 4th May, 1919, 3000 students from 13 colleges in Beijing held a mass demonstration against the decision in the Versailles Conference by which Shandong province of China was handed over to the Japanese. The following weeks several demonstrations were held all over China.

Similarly, massive student agitations against CAB, beginning from Jamia Milia Islamia University, Delhi (where some students were reportedly killed), Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi and Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh have been launched in almost all the educational institutions in India, cutting across religious, caste, lingual, ethnic and regional barriers. 

This marks a new stage in the rising of the Indian people against the anti-people policies of the Indian politicians. The rogues, rascals, thugs, crooks, looters, deceivers, scamsters, and big time dacoits who polarize the people on religious/caste/lingual/ethnic/regional lines and spread hatred and instigate riots to get votes, power and pelf.

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Like the May Fourth Movement in China, the present Indian student agitation marks the beginning of India’s revolution against the divide and rule policy which had been initiated after suppressing the Mutiny of 1857 by our British rulers  (see ‘History in the service of Imperialism’ by BN Pande and my article ‘The Truth about Pakistan’ online).

The new Indian student agitation is a manifestation of the coming Indian revolution, which alone can solve India’s massive socio-economic problems, since parliamentary democracy has degenerated into caste and communal vote banks, and is thus blocking our progress.

With the growth and development of new social forces in India, a powerful camp of patriotic Indian students, cutting across religious, caste, ethnic and other barriers, has been created, and has made its appearance on the national scene. Thousands of students have courageously stood up and challenged the reactionary rulers who seek to divide us and spread hatred among us, as well as the brutal police used by them. Thus, the present Indian student agitation, like the May Fourth Movement, is the harbinger of the coming Indian Revolution, which will usher in the real ‘ache din’ for India, not the phoney one of our acclaimed Superman.

Now the patriotic students must join hands with workers, peasants and intellectuals to advance the Indian revolution forward to its ultimate victory, and creation of a new just social order in which the productive forces rapidly develop and India once again becomes a prosperous country, and gets a respectable place in the comity of nations.

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