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Riz Ahmed Didn’t Pay Pakistani Wrestler Starring In His Video For “Mogambo”

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The British actor/singer, Riz Ahmed who visited Pakistan in 2018 for the Lahore Literary Festival, also filmed the video of his song Mogambo in the city. The music video features Rashid Pehlwan in several parts.

In a recent tweet, Awais Kahalid, a research assistant, has brought forward details about Riz Ahmad’s song Mogambo and it’s filming.

Awais, during his work in the city on Pehlwans came to recognize Rashid from the video and showed him the video as well.

Rashid’s side of the story is that he did meet with Riz Ahmed and his team and they spent a day with him filming and taking various pictures. They even signed a contract with them granting them use of this material.

After some time, a person named Asha contacted Rashid Pehlwan to ask for his consent. They wanted to use his pictures and videos and Rashid though that it’d be big project and hence asked them to pay him a 1000 USD. They promised to pay Rashid that amount and at that time paid him 150 USD. They never paid him in full.

Recently Riz Ahmed went on to Jimmy Kimmel Live and talked about Mogambo as well. There he didn’t even acknowledge Rashid and claimed that he didn’t know the man.




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