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PM Imran Accepts Proposal Regarding Official Role For APPNA In Healthcare

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    Prime Minister Imran Khan has accepted the proposal for creating an official role for Association Of Physicians Of Pakistani Descent In North America (APPNA) at the governmental and institutional level.

    The decision was made following a meeting between APPNA members and the prime minister at the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor House on December 28.

    The meeting was attended by Khyber Medical College Alumni President Dr. Rashid Hanif, Governors for American College of Physicians Board Chairman Dr Omar Atiq and APPNA Secretary-Elect Dr Haroon Durrani.

    The KP governor, chief minister, chief secretary and health minister were also present at the meeting. During the meeting, PM Imran recognized APPNA as a driving force and praised APPNA as the best ambassadors of Pakistan.

    The main topics of discussion were healthcare and medical education in Pakistan. It was proposed to the PM that an official role for APPNA in healthcare and medical education in Pakistan at governmental and institutional level be created.

    The proposal was accepted by the prime minister. This is the first time in the 42-year history of APPNA that it will be recognised at state level as an institution and will be collaborating to shape the healthcare policies in Pakistan.

    Prime Minister Imran Khan agreed that APPNA will be given representation in the Pakistan Health Care Task Force and in the Pakistan Medical Council.

    The prime minister assured APPNA team that a meeting of this task force would be held in the near future and APPNA would be invited.

    A similar proposal has been presented to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Health Minister Dr Hisham, who called a follow-up meeting with the KP health minister and KP Healthcare Task Force today.

    Moreover, a meeting of the Federal Task Force is scheduled for next week in which APPNA has been invited.

    This is a great opportunity for APPNA to have a voice in improving healthcare and medical education in Pakistan.

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