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Pakistan’s Absence From KL Summit Won’t Affect Karkey Deal

Officials in Islamabad have said that Pakistan’s act of pulling out of the Kuala Lumpur summit will not affect the country’s deal made with Turkey over not giving the one billion dollars fine, according to a report by the Express Tribune.

The Turkish rental power plant (RPP) case had been taken to the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICISD). The center had issued Pakistan a one billion dollar fine.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s talks with the Turkish PM Erdogan had led to the fine being forgiven. According to the deal Pakistan will not have to pay the fine while NAB would not investigate officials and workers of the plant.

Pakistan backed out of the Malaysian summit at the last minute. According to the Turkish PM Pakistan had buckled under Saudi pressure. Riyadh was quick to dismiss all such claims.

The Attorney General of Pakistan Anwar Masood Khan also visited Turkey last week. People have speculated that this is because of the RPP deal.

The official said that this was not the case. They added that PM Khan is planning on visiting Turkey next month while the Turkish PM might visit the country for a tour next year.

The Turkish RPP came to Pakistan during the country’s severe power crisis in 2008-2009. The ship was at one of Pakistan’s ports, giving the national grid the needed electricity.


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