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Pakistan Badminton Player Mahoor Shahzad Bags Bronze At South Asian Games

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Pakistani Badminton player Mahoor Shahzad has won the bronze medal in the team event at the 13th edition of the South Asian Games being hosted in Nepal.

Mahoor, who was the women’s singles champion in the 2017 Pakistan International tournament, took to Twitter to state that she had bagged a bronze medal in the Badminton team event of the South Asian games.

She said that it was an unparalleled feeling when one achieved something for their country. She expressed the hope that the streak would continue and that she would be able to work even harder for her country.

Mahoor is another woman athlete participating in the South Asian games who has made her country proud. Last week, a woman athlete from Hazara Town in Quetta, Shahida Abbasi, bagged a gold medal in woman’s single karate at the South Asian games.


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