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Musharraf Can’t Be Traitor Because He Freed Khana Kaaba From Militants, Says Minister Chohan

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    Punjab Information Minister Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan has said that General (r) Musharraf could not be a traitor as he led an operation to free the Khana Khaba from militants.

    While talking to media, Chohan said that the verdict against Musharraf in the treason trial has left the nation shocked. He asked why action has not been taken against Shaukat Aziz and Zahid Hamid, who were in Musharraf’s cabinet.

    The information minister said that according to section 2 of Article 6 of the constitution, those who aid someone in abrogating or subverting the constitution were also guilty of high treason.

    He further said that the emergency was imposed according to the decision of the cabinet in 2007, while assemblies were in place.

    The information minister highlighted the services of the former dictator and said that Musharraf had fought three wars for the country.

    Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan also stated that when Khana Kaaba had been taken over by militants in 1979, General (r) Musharraf had led a group of commandoes to free the Holy Mosque from them.

    He further said that the ‘economic terrorists’ who had looted the country were out on bail.

    Moreover, the information minister said that there should be no martial law in the country, and that Pakistan Army was standing with democratic institutions.

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