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Missing Pashtun Student Activist Alamgir Wazir Presented Before Court After Backlash

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Rights activist and student of Punjab University, Alamgir Wazir, has been presented in court following his disappearance after making a speech at the Students Solidarity March.

The activist was presented in Cantt Court Lahore. According to activist Ammar Ali Jan, the judge has ordered his judicial remand.

Alamgir Wazir had gone missing after he had attended the Students Solidarity March. During the march, the activist had made a speech about the conduct of the state in FATA.

A day after the march, Alamgir had gone missing, with people expressing outrage over his disappearance, and the fact that police and the administration of Punjab University were not being helpful in the matter.

Following Alamgir’s disappearance, students of Punjab University had protested and carried out a sit-in in front of Punjab University vice chancellor’s office. Protesters had called authorities to find Alamgir and bring him back, while questioning how he could have gone missing if there were so many guards on the campus.

The sit-in had continued through the second night, with students disregarding the cold weather and sitting outside the VC’s office outside the VC office.

There had been outrage on social media as people called for the release of Alamgir Wazir, who also happens to be the nephew of Member of National Assembly Ali Wazir. One of the Students march organisers, Mohiba Ahmed, said that they would continue to be vocal and demanded that universities should be made safe for students again.

Another user on Twitter questioned why students were being punished for taking part in the Students Solidarity March, particularly from one ethnicity.

People also highlighted the fact that Alamgir was one of the many students who had gone missing and had not been given justice.

Rights activist Tooba Syed criticised on Twitter those who were ‘waging a war’ against their students and people.

Following the outrage, the activist has been presented before court. Activist Ammar Ali Jan has said that they would now be seeking his bail. Observers have commented that Alamgir was illegally detained and that he had only been presented in court to show that due process had been followed after such a backlash.


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