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Media Ignores News Of Malik Riaz’s £190mn Settlement With UK’s NCA

Media has maintained silence on United Kingdom National Crime Agency’s settlement of £190 million with Malik Riaz’s family, with majority of the English daily newspapers refraining from posting the news on their front page.

The properties of Malik Riaz, who is the owner of Bahria Town, were being investigated by NCA following which the crime watchdog reached a settlement with the business tycoon, which included a UK property at Hyde Park Place valued at approximately £50 million. The NCA will be returning these assets to the state of Pakistan.

The news about the settlement has not received much coverage on media, and even daily newspapers have refrained from publishing the news on their front pages.

Out of the major English daily newspapers Dawn, The News, The Nation and Express Tribune, only Dawn’s front page carried the news pertaining to Malik Riaz’s settlement with NCA.

Moreover, TV channels also did not give substantial coverage to the news of Malik Riaz’s settlement with the UK crime watchdog.

Malik Riaz is the chairman of one of the most valued housing societies and is alleged to frequently give luxurious gifts to politicians and military personnel. He is a controversial business tycoon in Pakistan and has been the focus of several corruption investigations.

He has in the past funded a lavish lifestyle for a sitting chief justice’s son, had ‘planted’ interviews, and has engaged in land grabbing using state machinery.


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