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Mashal’s Father Says Got Teary-Eyed To See Son’s Name Still Alive At Students March

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Father of slain student Mashal Khan, Iqbal Lala, has said that he was left in tears at the Students Solidarity March when he saw that his son’s name was still alive at the Students Solidarity March.

In an interview with a TV channel, the host asked Iqbal Lala why he had been crying amid the crowd in the Students Solidarity March.

Iqbal Lala replied that Mashal Khan had always raised his voice for the rights of students and the corruption prevalent in the university. He added, “He was alone in this fight, and he was murdered.”

He added that when he saw the students of Punjab showing so much love and support for Mashal, he thought that they (killers of Mashal) had ended his life but had not succeeded in suppressing the questions Mashal had raised.

Iqbal Lala had attended the Students Solidarity March and later was charged under sedition by authorities along with other activists.


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