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Lawyers Storm Punjab Institute Of Cardiology, Beat Up Patients

The Punjab Institute of Cardiology has been attacked by lawyers who have beaten up doctors and broken into the emergency ward.

The lawyers were protesting a recent incident of an altercation between doctors and lawyers.

In their protest today, the lawyers got violent and barged into the hospital, breaking the windows of cars parked at the premises.

Lawyers also broke into the emergency ward, breaking the ward’s windows. Local media has reported that the lawyers took over the inside of the hospital and beat up doctors, nurses, and even patients and woman journalists.

The lawyers also damaged operating machinery and broke cameras and phones of patients and journalists recording the incident.

Video footage broadcasted by TV channels showed that that the lawyers were present in their hundreds inside the hospital.

Patients told media that there were heart patients waiting for surgery but were not treated as the doctors had fled following the attack of the lawyers.


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