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Lawyers Lay Seige To THQ Hospital Pasroor, Doctors Flee

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Conflict between lawyers and doctors continues as lawyers have laid siege to a government hospital of Pasrur in Sialkot, causing doctors to flee for safety.

According to media reports, following the attack on Punjab Institute of Cardiology, lawyers have surrounded the Tehsil Headquarter Hospital Pasrur In Sialkot district.

Fearing an attack, doctors have left the hospital, leaving patients on their own.

Lawyers engaged in sloganeering against doctors outside the hospital. The lawyers were being led by Pasroor Bar Association President Ghulam Mustafa Bhatti and General Secretary Niaz Ahmed Bajwa.

Heavy contingents of police are present outside the hospital.

According to reports, lawyers have said that their protest outside THQ Pasroor was a result of announcement of a rally against lawyers by Young Doctors Association President Dr Waleed.

Doctors of THQ Pasroor had demanded that doctors would continue their protest till the government deployed rangers outside the hospital to provide security.

Meanwhile, police have arrested 52 people in relation to the attack on the Punjab Institute of Cardiology.


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