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Kidnapped Student Dua Mangi Aspired To Become Human Rights Activist

The Karachi student who was recently kidnapped, while her friend had been shot, aspired to become a human rights activist as revealed by a friend of hers.

Dua Mangi was kidnapped and her friend was shot in Karachi DHA’s commercial area late Saturday night in a case that still remains unsolved.

Reportedly, Dua was walking on a street near Chai Master in DHA’s Bukhari area, along with a friend. They were intercepted by five men in a car, two of whom were reportedly armed, who shot Dua’s friend and abducted her.

The kidnapping of Dua Mangi generated reaction on social media, with people urging authorities to recover the missing woman whilst expressing sympathy for her family. However, there could also be witnessed a stream of vile comments on social media, whereby people were blaming the victim for what had occurred to her.

One of Dua’s friends took to social media to say that Dua was a brave girl and revealed that she aspired to become a human rights activist.

She lamented how everyone was discussing how Dua was dressed when she was kidnapped. She added that Dua chose to came back to Pakistan to make a difference despite the fact that she was in a country (United States) that appreciated women and their rights.

She then shared a post in which Dua had said that she planned to get a license to practice law and work as a human rights activist.

On Monday and Tuesday, protesters blocked the intersection at Karachi’s Teen Talwar to express concern over the slow pace of the investigation into Dua Mangi’s kidnapping and the lack of protection for women from violence in the country. The protesters called for efforts to be made to safely and quickly recover Dua Mangi and hold accountable those behind the act.


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