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Karachi Lawmakers Demand Water Distribution System Be Handed Over To Rangers

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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) lawmakers from Karachi have suggested to Prime Minister Imran Khan, during a meeting on Friday, that the water distribution system of the city be handed over to the Rangers, according to a report in Dawn.

The water distribution system of the city is currently managed by the Karachi Water and Sanitation Board (KWSB). According to the lawmakers, the key issue in the city is water. They said that there is no shortage of water in the city and only mismanagement and corruption have created the crisis, adding that the paramilitary forces Rangers would be able to solve this issue.

The meeting raised other issues around transport, gas and street crime but water is the most important issue for the city.

Earlier, a statement issued from the PM House said that the PM has always taken an interest in the city as it is the economic hub of the country. “He wants to play a role in the cities development and has ideas for development plans for the provincial capital.”

The PM on this occasion also asked the lawmakers to stay in touch with their electorates.



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  1. kashan December 22, 2019

    Is rangers a water management body? why should it be given to rangers? if at all you want to give it to armed forces, they may establish an city planning wing reporting to the governor supported by armed forces.


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