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ISPR Tells Dawn Off For ‘Factually Incorrect’ Reporting

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Inter-services Director General Public Relations Major General Asif Ghafoor refuted a news published in Dawn, wherein it had been stated that the armed forces of Iran and Pakistan had conducted joint patrolling.

On Monday, a tweet posted from the official account of the DG ISPR termed a report about joint patrolling of Pakistan and Iran’s armed forces as ‘factually incorrect’.

Interestingly, Dawn was not the only news outlet which had reported the news. State-run Radio Pakistan had also reported it. People took to Twitter to highlight how the news had been published by an organisation run by the state, but the DG ISPR had only pointed out Dawn’s report and not the report of Radio Pakistan.

Journalist Bilal Farooqui questioned why the ISPR was singling out Dawn for the news report when refuting the story about the joint patrolling as the news had been carried by almost every news outlet.

Others pointed out that this showed the ISPR’s had not pointed out the mistake to Radio Pakistan.

Another user pointed out that The News and Radio Pakistan, the government’s own source, had published the news, but the DG ISPR did not check them. He further questioned why the ISPR did not call Dawn to provide a clarification on the matter.

Another user shared a screenshot of Radio Pakistan’s story and termed the situation ridiculous.

On a lighter note, a journalist pointed out how so many outlets had published the news, but it was good to know that the DG ISPR only relied on Dawn for the news.


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