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Govt Says COAS Extension Verdict Being Used For ‘Fifth Generation War’

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In the review petition filed in the Supreme Court (SC) in the COAS General Bajwa Extension case, the government has said that the SC judgement is being used for ‘5th Generation Warfare’.

According to the petition, General Bajwa had successfully lead the country in 5th generation warfare after the Pulwama attack. Now, the SC judgement is being used by the enemies of Pakistan to attack the country.

The petition also said that the security situation of the country is such that the COAS needs the extension. The safety and security of the country depends on this.

The government also says that the SC had no right to intervene in these matters as this was not an issue of fundamental rights.

The further said that the government not legislating on this matter meant that the will of the people was involved in the extension of the COAS.


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Naya Daur